Peter Normal is one of the main protagonists of the story. He is 10 years old and has been trained by Hiraki, a famous ninja who is legendary and who appears to be immortal. He also has 2 known Curses (1 invoked by Amos Flannagan and another invoked by an earlier ancestor) with the Blessing (it was given when an Indian child was saved, and the chief took pity on the family, that chief then bestowed the Blessing on his family). He is quite accomplished for a young boy his age. He often leads and appears to have romantic interest in Gwen, one of his friends who is also a marksman shooter and a goth with a dead mother. His best friend is Dill, a werewolf who is loyal, but selfish with an abusive and neglectful past. He has a little sister called Beth who is 2 years old and was once replaced by a changeling. There also appears to be a prophecy, but it is quite unclear.

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