This young werewolf has been through a rough time and has had very few good times in his life. Before Peter came around, he had no friends and had to watch TV for a hobby. He is selfish, but, he has been hit by his parents and his parents are also very neglectful. He shows knowledge of the supernatural, but has been disappointed by how little his knowledge applies in fighting monsters. His favorite food is ice cream and he would often ask Peter for an ice cream whenever he is at Peter's house. He also is shown to be self-sufficient, by being able to take care of himself when younger whenever he got sick, since all his mother did was throw the antibiotic bottle at him and told him to stay away, since she couldn't afford to get sick due to her job. In Peter and the Grownups, he showed signs of neglect and depression, which helped turn the convict in his and his friends' favor. In Peter and the Demon, he showed a lack of faith in people and promises, with the text saying that everyone makes promises, sometimes, they weren't meant to be kept, but, sometimes they were meant to be kept, but weren't kept anyway, which is heartbreaking. You should buy the books in volume set ASAP to see more of his history. This should be updated soon.

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